Sage-N-Sun Family Festival

​​​​​​Sage-N-Sun Family Festival​​

Car & Toy Show

This is a must see for children of all ages!!! You will see beautiful classic vehicles on display. Owners will be on hand to talk “car talk!” 

Along with the Car & Toy Show, SNS will have Go Karts, Bed Races and much much more as SNS revs up for the 107th Sage-N-Sun Family Festival.

Did you know the Sage-N-Sun Family Festival is one of the oldest festivals in the State of Washington!

The Talent Contest will be held at the Grand Stage on Saturday, June 10th . Time will be announced at a later date. Cash Award and/or prizes will be awarded to the winners!

FEE:        There is no charge to participate in the Talent Contest

JUDGING:        Will be done by Ephrata residents or Festival volunteers.

We are looking for some bed racing enthusiasts to put on a show and win awards and bragging rights in the process! This event is open to businesses, organizations, volunteer groups, or even just a group of friends who want to get in on the fun and excitement of bed racing.

Date: Saturday, June 9, 2018
Check In Time: 9:00 am
Location: C St NW & Division
Application Deadline: June 5, 2017

Rules & Regulations

There is no fee to participate!

​Beds can be made out of any material, so be as creative as you like.

Mattresses are not required.

Team themes and costumes are highly encouraged.

Each team must consist of five members.        

Only one person may ride on the bed, with the other four members pushing the bed.

Beds must be powered only by the team of pushers. No motors, pedals, etc. are allowed.

The use of drugs and/or alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Cigarettes, Vapes, Obscene, Vulgar, Lewd, Racist or Sexually-Oriented Language and/or  merchandise that is considered to be PG-13 or above are strictly prohibited.

We are a Family Friendly Festival.

One (1) adult must be in each team of 16+ or older.

An award will be given to the team with the fastest bed.

An award will also be given to the team with the best theme.

Awards will be given out once all teams have raced.

Every team member must sign the Hold Harmless Agreement in order to participate.  Parent/Guardian must sign for participating minors.​