​​​​​​​Sage-N-Sun Family Festival​​

Saturday, June 8th
Booths open from 9:00 am until until dark.
Food Vendors:  Must be closed during the parade, 11:00 am until Noon.


Contact the Grant County Health Department and obtain a Food Permit Application (please send Food Permit application and fees directly to the Grant County Health Department).

Vendors may close when they feel is it too dark for them to operate, however no earlier than 1/2 hour before dusk.  Vendors may operate after dark and will be strictly up to the vendor.  Under no circumstance will any vendor close early unless there is an emergency and Jeanette Cole has been notified or refunds will be forfeited.

Please read, sign, and return the Application and Hold Harmless Agreement with your associated fees.

You must send in your Certificate of Insurance with $500,000 Liability naming the Sage-N-Sun Family Festival, the City of Ephrata, Bureau of Reclamation and Grand County as co-insured. Certificate must be received no later than June 1, 2018 or your application will be considered incomplete and you will not be allowed to participate and will forfeit your deposit.

Return this completed Application with payment, signed Hold Harmless Agreement, Proof of Insurance. If the completed application, fee and deposit, as well as the Certificate of Insurance are not received by June 1, 2018, your application will be considered incomplete and will go to the bottom of the pile.

The Sage-N-Sun Family Festival charges a flat booth fee, meaning no commission is due to the Festival.  Full payment is due with this application.

Cigarettes, Vapes, Obscene, Vulgar, Lewd, Racist or Sexually-Oriented Language are strictly prohibited. We are a Family Friendly Festival, i.e, PG-13.

Return the completed Application with payment, signed Hold Harmless Agreement, proof of Insurance.

You will need to supply any necessary electrical cords/water hoses.

 If a Vendor is a "no-show", does not check out or refuses to clean their assigned space, the deposit will be forfeited.


Booth structures and contents, including inventory, are the responsibility of the Vendor.

The Festival, City of Ephrata or Grant County, do not assume responsibility for injury to persons, or loss or damage to any property of the Vendors, including theft, accident or acts of God.

The Sage-N-Sun Family Festival does provide at least one (1) security guard who will be patrolling the grounds at night. 

Motor homes, travel trailers and camping will not be allowed at the Grant County Courthouse.  

All vehicles will be off C Street by 11:30 am on Friday.  Vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense at this time. There will be no parking in the Grant County Courthouse parking lot during the entire Festival.


Begins at 7:00 am on Friday.  You must be completely set up by  and open for business by 3:00pm.


All Vendors must provide a complete list of items to be sold during the Festival. The list must accompany this application and be approved by the Festival Committee.  Duplicates will not be allowed.

Vendors may not add additional items to their inventory without the prior approval of the Food Vendor Coordinator.

Friday, June 7th
Check in begins at 7:00 am at the SNS booth
Be ready for business by 3:00PM,  not to be open before 12:00PM
Booths open from 3:00pm until dark.
Vendor parking will be only at Lot E, Division Street
Parking will not be allowed on 1st Avenue NE and Division Avenue E
The Festival will be using these streets paragraph here.


We are full, please try again next year.